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AAA Approved Auto Repair                                      Jasper Engines and Transmissions

We are a family with five vehicles.  Regular  maintenance is necessary to keep these vehicles happy!   Our long time reliable service station has been Rick's One Stop.  Rick and his trained courteous staff will be up front, and give you an estimate on work needed so there are no surprises. We always have our cars done timely, no inconvenience!   For the Cheshinski family,  One Stop is our only stop for all our vehicle needs.
Betsy Cheshinski


Rick's service is unbelievable. Rick has been taking care of my vehicles since 1997. I buy new cars and trucks and does regular maintenance every 4-6 months as needed. Rick has picked up things while he has my cars in shop and let me tell you we together have kept my cars in top shape so I can use any of them to do anything and feel comfortable. Please  consider Rick for service and maintenance in order to get the most of your investment, for we all know the car you buy is the second biggest purchase you make, so let Rick Temarantz make you get every dollar of value you can out of your car or truck. 
Jim Samselski
PS: My mother and several of my friends all use One Stop and are very happy with their knowledge and service 

Rick Temarantz’s ONE STOP SERVICE CENTER is called one stop, because you don’t have to GO anywhere else, except to get gas. I have used ONE STOP for servicing all my cars over 20 years. I have purchased new and “used” cars during that time and Rick has personally evaluated every used car with a “fine tooth comb”. His recommendation on corrective measures (i.e. change the fuel pump, replace partially worn tires, etc.) were always acceptable and carried out by the seller. Rick provided this service as a “FAVOR” to a customer, which in this day and age is rare. And the people who work at ONE STOP provide a comfortable atmosphere with a confident approach that your problem will be resolved and done so with reasonable cost.
John Kashatus


Keystone Ambulance has relied on Rick and his team for the past 5+ years and they have never let us down.  All it takes is one call, and they are here to help, day or night.  Rick takes pride in his work and it shows.....
Tammi Kowalski


One Stop Service Center has serviced all of our cars for years. From a late model Trailblazer to a Dodge Pickup truck with over a quarter of a million miles on it. Even the pickup sounds like it just came from the showroom. I'll never go anywhere else to have a vehicle serviced.
Gifford Nolan

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